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Underfoot Floors is pleased to be serving the Salt Lake City Custom Flooring industry! With over a decade of experience, Underfoot Floors are flooring professionals and experts.

Underfoot Floors specialized in unique floor materials. Underfoot Floors are experts in every aspect of laying floor, with extensive experience laying bamboo, cork, hardwood, Marmoleum, carpets, and custom stair work.

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  • Bamboo: Using bamboo in Salt Lake City custom flooring brings a unique and rich color to any interior décor. Bamboo comes in three basic types, including woven or strand bamboo, tropical bamboo, and Moso – or "regular" – bamboo.
  • Cork: Cork has been a popular eco friendly flooring option for over a hundred years. Cork custom flooring provides rich color and distinct patterns, more able to suit the individual styles of different rooms. Cork is available in prefinished or unfinished options. The experts at Salt Lake City custom flooring solutions, Underfoot Floors, is read to advise in any cork related questions.
  • Hardwood: Custom Hardwood Flooring is very popular and comes in a variety of different shades, durability, and materials. Aside from offering a variety of different custom hardwood options, Underfoot Floors offers professional refinishing and specialization in refurbishing of old wood floors.
  • Marmoleum: Marmoleum floors are available in sheet goods, tiles, or floating planks. Tiled Marmoleum allow for creative and custom patters, borders, and designs, completing a unique look and style to any room. With over 150 different colors and patterns, along with superior durability, makes Marmoleum an excellent choice for any high traffic area, as well as for areas that receive a lot of abuse, such as common rooms, office hallways, schools, and hospitals.
  • Carpet: Of course the premier Salt Lake City custom flooring experts are trained professionals in carpet laying. Aside from our technical skill, Underfoot Floors offers one of the largest selections of natural fiber carpets Salt Lake City and Utah has to offer.
  • Custom Stairs: Stairs can represent a unique problem, with different stair lengths from building to building, and sometimes from floor to floor, depending on the age and the size of the building. Underfoot Floors works with all varieties and designs of stairs to deliver the perfect fit.

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Installation Specialists

Underfoot Floors of Salt Lake City, Utah uses trained, experienced employees to install your new floor, not subs who may or may not do a good job.

We guarantee the skilled workmanship of every job... and we install over 400 floors a year so we know how to do it right.

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