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Underfoot Floors offers a large selection of "FSC" certified custom hardwood flooring. You can get the custom wood floor you want and encourage good forestry practices by purchasing these products. Reclaimed hardwoods are also an option for people who want a truly soulful and character-filled floor to enrich their home environment. These materials come from old mills, barns, factories and plants and have a wonderful story to tell.

Underfoot Floors has the most samples of FSC Certified solid and engineered hardwood flooring Utah residents have ever seen. Other retailers may not even know what FSC stands for.

Types of Hardwood

Types of Custom Wood Floors

Underfoot Floors sells and installs beautiful custom hardwood flooring of all species. We also offer professional refinishing and specialized refurbishing of old wood floors. Custom Hardwood floors in Utah never go out of style because of their natural beauty and long life. Custom wood floors grow more beautiful with age and become part of the deep character of your home. Hardwoods come in many different species, widths, and thicknesses and are available in prefinished and unfinished types. So, it is important to be sure you are selecting the right material for your situation, one that will meet your expectations. Both solid and engineered hardwoods are available and each has unique benefits depending on the installation requirements. Be sure you understand what your options are in this regard.

Reclaimed wood is used by corporations such as Nike, Disney, Pottery Barn, Patagonia and Whole Foods Market as well as architects, designers, builders, developers and hundreds of homeowners nationwide. FSC Certified reclaimed wood products lead the charge in promoting forest conservation without sacrificing quality, beauty or affordability. Reclaimed wood flooring is re-milled from tight-grained, old-growth lumber that is deconstructed from sources ranging from “urban forest” warehouse beams to Kentucky tobacco barn siding. Choosing reclaimed wood flooring for your home is investing in the future of our planet and the trees we depend upon for our quality of life.

Many of us are concerned about our environment and how our purchases affect the planet as a whole. Buying FSC certified solid and enineered custom hardwood flooring ensures that you are helping to maintain the vital forests of the world… whether it be rainforests or other pristine forests around the world you can be assured that hardwood flooring in Utah is not detstroying those wonderful places.

FSC hardwoods are independently certified to be harvested in accordance with sustainable and well-managed forestry practices as endorsed by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). These principles apply to all aspects of production and harvesting, protecting people, wildlife, biodiversity, as well as the forests themselves.

Reclaimed hardwoods are salvaged from sources all over the world. They are made from timbers, lumber, and wood sources that would otherwise be wasted.

When purchasing reclaimed wood products, you are not only buying a custom wood floor of high character, but preserving the tree’s soul in a sense. Natural materials have SOUL -- you can feel the difference as you live on and with them.


Durability of Hardwood

Custom wood floors last a lifetime with proper care and maintenance. Now almost all species are available prefinished and these finishes are guaranteed to last 20 or 25 years. Hardwoods can be recoated and resanded to keep them looking beautiful for decades.

There are many decisions to be made when selecting a custom wood floor and our experienced staff can help you sort through all the information to make the perfect choice for this investment in your home.



There is a huge range in cost for both solid and engineered hardwood floors. We have prefinished floors for as low as $5 per square foot and we have unique, handcrafted floors for $25 per square foot.

FSC and reclaimed hardwood floors are more expensive but add a discernible value and character to the finished product. Sometimes the cost of doing the best thing possible is more but feels really good.

Generally speaking 80% of the hardwood floors we sell fall into the $10 to $15 per square foot range including labor and materials. So they don't have to be really expensive considering the value you receive in choosing a floor covering that will last a lifetime.


Care & Maintenance

  • Dirt and grit – Dirt, grit and sand are a hardwood floors' worst enemies. They act like sandpaper on the finish, causing scratches, dents and dulling. Place floor mats at entrances to trap dirt and prevent damage.
  • Water and other spills – Standing water can warp a poorly finished hardwood floor and can damage the finish. Simply wipe up all spills as they happen.
  • Hard cleaners – Avoid oil soaps. They can build up and create problems when it's time to put a maintenance coat on the floor. Instead, neutral pH cleaners made specifically for wood floors are recommended.
  • Furniture – Lift the furniture to move it — avoid dragging. Felt contacts under the legs will help prevent scratches.
  • Dents – Vacuum with a brush attachment — don't use vacuums with beater bars.
  • Sun – Direct sun can discolor a hardwood floor. Close curtains and blinds or add sheer drapes to protect from the sun's intense UV rays.

Do this:

  • Clean up tracked-in dirt/grit immediately.
  • Place floor protectors on ALL furniture legs.
  • Place walk off mats and area rugs in high traffic areas (make sure they stay dry and are cleaned underneath often).
  • Perform routine maintenance as recommended by manufacturer, including sweeping, vacuuming and/or dust mopping to remove dirt and grit. Always perform this process before and after any occasion that generates a high volume of traffic on the hardwood floor.
  • Keep high heel shoes in good repair and pet nails trimmed on a regular basis.


  • WET mops
  • Ammonia
  • Dust cleaners
  • Cleaning products for non-wood floors
  • Wax on a urethane finish- NEVER!

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