How to Keep Your Cork Floor Looking New

Tuesday, 24 January 2017 09:59
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There is nothing quite like a cork floor. Cork flooring gives a room a beautiful and distinct look, and has several properties that no other flooring material does. Cork is a great sound and heat insulator, as well as being fire retardant and hypoallergenic. Cork is also pleasantly cushy underfoot, also it’s an eco-friendly material, because it is harvested without cutting down any trees. Cork comes from harvesting the bark of the Cork Oak, bark that the Cork Oak regrows and can be harvested about every ten years. Despite cork flooring being easier to maintain now than ever before, it still requires more care than some other flooring materials do. Here are six tips on how to keep your cork floor looking brand new.

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Follow these Steps to keep your Cork Floors in good condition: 

1. Clean it often. Many of cork’s best properties come from the fact that it is spongy material. Because cork is not a very dense or hard, it is also susceptible to damage. A cork floor is finished with a protective coating, but that coating is still susceptible to scratches. Sweeping and vacuuming often keep fine grits from building up on the floor. While dust and grit might sound relatively harmless, they act like sand paper, wearing on the protective finish. When vacuuming, be sure to use a soft-bristled brush to avoid scratching the floor. Liquid spills can also be damaging, and should be cleaned up right away. Use floor cleaners specifically created for finished wood floors.

2. Protect if from from sunlight. Sunlight has a bleaching effect, and when exposed to direct sunlight

for longer periods of time, a cork floor’s color can change. Using drapes over windows can

protect the floor from direct sunlight.

3. Maintain a consistent humidity level in the home. Cork can expand and contract with fluctuations in humidity levels. When installing cork flooring, it

is important to acclimate the material before installing it to prevent significant post-installation expansion or contraction.

Once installed, maintaining a consistent temperature and humidity level will minimize changes. Underfoot Flooring suggestions a minimum humidity of

50-60% in a room with cork flooring.

4. Protect your floors from your furniture. By placing appropriate pads under the legs of couches, chairs, tables, etc. the cork is less likely to get deep scratches or permanent depressed spots from where furniture rests on it. For office chairs with wheels, make sure the wheels are wide and that chairs are used on protective mats.

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5. Protect your floor from feet. In high traffic areas, rugs or runners might be a good choice to provide protection to your cork floors. Mats placed at the entrances of your house will allow people to clean their shows, preventing abrasive particles from being tracked across the floor. A no-shoe policy is even better. Also use mats in work areas like in front of a kitchen sink, but don’t use rubber-backed and other non-ventilating mats. Keep your pet’s claws trimmed. Dogs and cats and scratch floors with their claws, so keeping them well trimmed can help prevent bad scratches from occurring (to you and your floors). Cork floors, because of their give, do have an advantage over hardwood floors in being less susceptible to pet scratches.


6. Recoat when needed. Your cork floors finish will need to be recoated occasionally. Maintaining the coating is especially important it protects the

floors pattern. Inspect your floors often, and if it has been a while since the floors were recoated and you are starting to see some wear, a fresh coat

may be in order. Under normal use, a coat should last at least 5 years.




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