Four Reasons to Have Earth Friendly Flooring

Tuesday, 25 July 2017 11:30
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Becoming earth friendly is becoming more and more increasingly popular, but it is so much more than just a trend. An innumerable amount of people have made the choice to go eco-friendly in order to do their part in conserving the earth for the future. People have a restricted amount of resources left on the earth, and the majority of people are using them up. One massive way for someone to do their part in conserving our environment is to begin using earth friendly flooring for all of their building needs. There are four principal reasons why it is much more environmentally friendly to use natural, renewable resources over a traditional floor.


Better for the Future of the Earth


Using ecologically friendly floors decreases what is called an environmental footprint, or damage to the environment. Cutting down trees, that are used to make traditional wooden floors, is at an all-time, dangerously high level. When trees are cut down properly, and the earth is reseeded, the trees can grow back in the end; however, the current growth rate is unable to keep up with the number of trees being demolished. Cutting down trees at such a disturbing rate is progressively having a harmful impact on the environment as several entire types of trees are now in danger of extinction.


One earth friendly alternative to the traditional wood floors is cork. Cork is highly renewable, unlike the wood used in other flooring options. Cork is derived from the bark of a cork oak tree, which is found in the forests of the Mediterranean. Cork oak trees are great for eco-friendly floors because the trees are not cut down to harvest the cork, and all of the byproducts from the floor production is saved to be reused. The bark of the oak tree grows back every three years, and the trees are never harmed. Another ecological flooring option that has been growing in acceptance is bamboo floors. Not like many trees that take around twenty or thirty years to become developed, the bamboo trees complete their growth in a few small years. By using resources that can be replaced rapidly, such as cork and bamboo, there is not as much of a damaging impression on the environment due to the fact that these materials are renewable.


Great Health Benefits


Ecologically friendly floors can improve the general health of a person. The type of flooring that is in someone's home can either be the cause of or be a reduction method for their health problems. As an example, carpet floorings have been recognized as something that can intensify some people's allergies and can lead to other health problems like chronic sinus difficulties and lung complications. Also, with vinyl floors, often volatile organic compounds (VOC's) are used and can be very harmful to small children and pets. On the other hand, green flooring can dramatically decrease allergic reactions because substances like cork are antimicrobial and do not hold allergens within themselves or contain any VOC's. As mentioned before, cork flooring is an ecological flooring option; furthermore, cork is much easier to keep clean than carpet. Because the cork flooring is easily clean and is not a home for germs, it puts off bugs and is a fireproof possibility.


The Attraction of Nature


Those that have worries about the look of earth friendly floors should be made aware that environmentally friendly floors can look just as attractive as old, traditional wooden floor options. No style will be sacrificed in order to save the planet; actually, bamboo flooring has grown in popularity in recent years for its beauty and charm. Both cork and bamboo floors can be stained or painted in a variety of colors to match any home design or a specific look. Plus, there is a wide variety of patterns offered with these type of flooring selections. Earth friendly floors can add a touch of class to any home because they have an unbelievably warm and inviting design. Many who use Traditional hardwood flooring in Utah use methods that are not conducive with mother nature. Rest assured that Underfoot Floors uses green flooring techniques that have a timeless look and ecological appeal.


Environmentally Friendly is Budget Friendly


Earth friendly flooring supplies are exceedingly budget friendly. Since the resources can easily be replaced, the cost is lower. There is more supply to meet the demand for these materials, so they are more affordable. Also, earth friendly flooring options tend to be very long-lasting and sustainable, so they have a higher value than a flooring option that will have to be replaced. Home improvement projects are so much cheaper when the resources can be bought at a fraction of the cost. Many people assume that environmentally friendly automatically comes with a high price-tag, but that is just not true.


Types of Eco-friendly Flooring


For those that really understand that they need to choose an environmentally friendly floor, there are still many options available. The first earth friendly floor possibility is cork because it is highly renewable. Another choice is bamboo because it is still an edgy wood alternative to the traditional hardwood floors. At Underfoot Floors we use Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified hardwood floors that help to preserve our forests. Glass tiles are a great flooring possibility for the earth because they are made entirely of recycled materials. Polished concrete is another choice that is gaining popularity due to its style that remains environmentally conscious. Rubber flooring can be earth friendly since it is made from recycled tires and it is very versatile. Leather is a surprising resource that can actually be used as an earth friendly flooring option. There are numerous materials that can be recycled and formed into amazing, eco-friendly flooring possibilities.




There are many benefits of using earth friendly floors including the fact that it is better for the environment, for people's health and the wallet of buyers. There are so many incredible flooring options that are ecologically friendly, classy, versatile, widely available and durable. There are a ton of remarkable reasons to use earth friendly floors and go green; be the one that changes the universe.

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